Wine Seminars

Past Wine Education Seminars

March 2018

FREzER conference

Jasper Park Lodge

"Eight Tips on Finding Value Wines"

Ten wines were presented in flights of two, permitting a comparative tasting to highlight relative value in the wine world and strategies to get the best bang for the buck!

January 2018

Private group

"Effects of Wine on Cardiovascular Health"

Reviewed latest evidence on cardiovascular risk reduction from polyphenolic compounds found in wine. Six wines were presented, all featuring the grapes Sagrantino, Tannat, and Petit Verdot, which are high in polyphenols.

March 2017

FREzER conference

Jasper Park Lodge

"Wine Appreciation 101"

Topics included: how to select wine, reading a label, basic tasting technique, regional and stylistic differences of the same grape, tips on serving (temperature, decanting, food pairing), how to cellar wine, and the characteristics of aged wine.